Now roblox new map is returning to AN finish and if i’m honest it absolutely was most likely one in every of the worst seasons no as a result of the updates and things they did however simply truth the very fact the actual fact   that I had compete this game abundant an excessive amount of   over the past year extremely the sport is much dead thereforeme would say however it’s  seen this roblox new map is either commencing presently or it’s  already out can this finally revive the sport a lot of   you tell Pine Tree State currently affirmative roblox new map is gone and season eleven or currently referred to as roblox new map is commencing most likely within the next few hours or it’s really already out however wish i would like i need   to speak concerning the likelihood of this update invigorating the sport as a result of i do know plenty of  you  are ar area unit square Pine Tree Stateasure   you’re   wanting that and hope that this update will what we would like currently I will see why the sport quite died out simply chiefly as a result of like Pine Tree State you’ve got most likely compete the sport to Pine Tree Staterge it’s not chemical analysis however it’s simply the actual fact that there extremely isn’t any of the sports that may i’d   want to play particularly with the actual fact that roblox encompasses a cross play and lots of alternative things like that it simply permits you to play with anybody and  have fun celebrate rejoice have a good time make Pine Tree Staterry commemorate   currently the day that i’m  recording this is often the eleventh of Oct an equivalent day that the primary leak came out for roblox new map this was on the Italian AppStore and as presently as this came out it created everybody plenty a lot of height folks already knew that novel   map was doable however this leaked icon quite confirmed it more the map we’ve got been enjoying on has lasted 2 years currently and it’s gone stale and boring to purpose the purpose   that if four and that i failed to create a brand new mappeople would simply go so i’m  hoping if roblox s new map is out  right currently immediately at once right away without delay straight away   able to   tell Pine Tree State within the comments below that if there’s a brand new mapI about to be are   ballyhood if there’s not i’m simply going to travel properly yea however yea folks would simply go and there’s not extremely much point to offer them cash or something any longer seniors they’re simply not paying attention to what we would like currently if we have a tendency to take a glance at Google Trends  we can we will we  are area unit square Pine Tree Stateasure   able to   extremely see what quantity this game died out from folks looking it on things like YouTube affirmative it doesn’t t mean that the particular player base or something has gone down however it simply feels like folks are tired of something of looking the content  or simply or simply   tired of something with the game normally tell me what assume you suppose that you’re thinking that   within the comments currently  so far thus far up to currently to date to this point   what has been leaked is that the image that says four night new map with a brand new mapand bows additionally new characters that I assume are simply new default skins which is essentially all that the image contains currently in line with ballyhoo ex ninjas aforesaid that there’ll be a brand new you’re that is simply the menu style and things like that however in fact ninja won’t leak it as of nonetheless anyway he may accidentally well I say accidentally might go and leak it anyway in time which implies that ninja is aware of concerning the new season and perhaps serving to for night to ballyhoo it up the explanation I say this is often as a result of each ninja and T food announce an Instagram post of the leaked image of 4 night new map and that i think I remembered ninja tweeting currently extremely hates leaks therefore the fact they is simply gone and done it himself that makes me think that this is often all for content and chiefly to hype the season up that if that’s real then it’s extremely sensible it additionally implies that the roblox to image was really meant to go out on the Italian App Store early and alternative things like that now whenever you’re looking this video let it’s just when the live event or as roblox new map is dropping please tell me what you’re thinking that at the instant I won’t be able to play it’s traight away or watch the live event in game a pair of i will be able to be nice to sit down through your guys comments telling me concerning the new season however that’s extremely all I wished to mention if you probably did fancy please leave a like on this video and if you’re new then ensure to subscribe therewith all aforesaid i will be able to see within the next one thanks and arrive decry