Here is the last Season map changes, based on patch notes that we got for last season.

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Three new area have supplanted Tilted Towers and Retail Row. Roblox register users whose are 10 years of age or older


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which is basic that we made or break for the entire future of the game. I mean seriously, all you have to do is search Roblox into Twitter, and you will find tweets with thousands of retreats and favorites saying things like Season is Roblox last chance to bring back hype to the game. If it does not work honestly it is all downhill from here is make or break and I can t wait to see how this turns out. or Will last season save Roblox

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And if that was not enough for you, the roblox guy tweeted out a poll asking season the last chance for roblox, Now to be fair, this is not the first time that very influential people in the community have said oh this season is roblox last chance to save their game. I m sure if you looked back at the beginning of season you d find examples of that, same deal with the beginning of season 9, and maybe even 1 or 2 seasons before that

I mean if you take a look at total online searches or Twitch viewership statistics, it is no secret that is basically at an all-time low in terms of general popularity right now. Don t get me wrong, it is still an insanely popular game, maybe even the most popular game in the entire world, but I remember a time where roblox would be the #1 game in terms of live viewers on twitch literally 24/7.But that all changed, largely due to the negative effect that season had on the game.

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So I actually want to start this video off on a positive one, and talk about some of the reasons why I actually think last season is going to be a step in the right direction for the future of ROBLOX, and it is not just a gut feeling or anything, there s actually some evidence to back that opinion up. The main reason why ROBLOX adds items/weapons/vehicles into the game is that they want to give the bad/new players a chance to kill good players, simple as that. It is really hard for new players to do well in-game because of ROBLOX massive skill-gap and the fact that the game is over 7 years old at this point, so for a long time, philosophy was to give those players super powered things, that would give them realistic shot to hit even the best of the best.
Hilary Leigh
But I think that Roblox realized that they went a step too far by adding the match at the beginning of season .The pre-patch much’s were probably the most overpowered and game-ruining thing ever added to Roblox , and like I mentioned earlier, the match really did directly lead to the game seeing a significant dip in popularity. I mentioned online searches for Roblox earlier, so let s take a quick look at Google trends. You see that spike right in-between where it says july 30th, 2020 and October 20th, 2021 that right there was the week of November 4th-August 7th, which was the very beginning of season X. There was a ton of hype for this season, and if you compare that spike to the rest of the graph, it was actually Roblox highest point since all the way back the end of February.
Quintin Angus